Whether you prefer to wash your own car or have decided to take it for car detailing in Canberra, be mindful of the following tips, which will benefit you in either scenario. Some of the following considerations will guide you when choosing the most suitable car detailing service for your vehicle’s preservation.

5 Top Tips For Detailing Your Car

  • Weather And Car Temperature

Ideally, your car should be washed on a mild day when it’s not raining or windy. It is imperative that it’s washed in the shade. The engine should be cooled down, as should the body after being parked in the sun. These measures prevent resistant water spots from occurring due to rapid drying. At your professional detailer, your vehicle will be washed indoors in a clean, uncontaminated environment.

  • Washing Process

Vehicles accumulate the most dirt at the bumpers, sides and rears. The washing method to adopt for the body of the car is to clean top to button and then front to back. The washing motion should follow the direction of the natural airflow of your vehicle (from the front bumper to the back). Circular or up and down motions will induce further scratches or swirls because the dirt deposits itself in the direction of the airflow. Experienced auto detailing services follow a system to ensure the correct procedures are followed.

  • Tire Wash

Tires are in direct contact with the road and contain the most grime and dust. Washing them first will minimise the overflow of dirt onto a cleaned paint surface. Your detailer’s workshop will ensure that the inside of the spokes, the tire barrel and the brake calliper are also cleaned using flexible brushes.

  • Cleaning Materials

Your cleaning tools, such as cleaning brushes, towels, sponges and cloths, must be kept clean so they are always in tip-top condition for your next detailing. Have a dedicated drying towel, preferably large enough to dry your entire car’s body. Use colour-coded microfibres delegated for washing different parts. Professional detailers always ensure they use the correct cleaning agents for your vehicle. Did you know that some household agents are not suitable for car detailing? Be wary of ammonia which rips plastic and streaks glass.

  • Little Known Parts And Features

Mirrors and head and tail lights are often neglected components. Professional detailers will dismantle your mirrors, tail and headlights for comprehensive cleaning. Most will also include the engine as part of the detailing service.

3  Massive Benefits Of Choosing A Professional Car Detailing Service 

By having your car expertly detailed, your car will get the professional and superior treatment it deserves. The benefits far outweigh the costs:

  • Maintains your car’s overall appearance
  • Improves its performance
  • Preserves its interior and exterior condition

Much goes into car detailing in Canberra to ensure the preservation of your vehicle’s aesthetics, longevity and value. When you come to Dapper Auto, you can rest assured that your car will be given the best attention it deserves to stand out in any venue, regardless of model or year. Call us now to book your car.