Getting a window tint in Canberra can not only make your car look cooler, but it has several functional benefits as well.

Window tints are legal in Australia, but there are strict limitations and parameters laid out in the law. However, when done legally, window tints are extremely helpful.

Let’s look at some of the reasons you might want to get your windows tinted.


Australia can get really hot during the summer, which means that you’re likely going to be blasting that air conditioner on full pretty often. It’s even worse when you’ve had to leave your car parked out in the sun.

However, with tinted windows, your car will be better able to resist the sun’s heat by blocking a significant portion of it. This means it will take longer for the car to heat up from direct sunlight, which makes for a much more comfortable drive.

What’s more, you’ll likely save on fuel costs because you won’t be burning as much of it to run the air conditioner anymore.


Thanks to the light filtering properties of window tints, your visibility will improve when driving. In particular, glare will be significantly reduced. With tinted windows, you’re less likely to be blinded by the sun during the day or bright headlights at night. It’s like wearing a pair of clear sunglasses without having to wear any.

Window tinting provides UV protection as well, thereby not only preventing you from getting sunburned while driving but also protecting your eyes.


Although there are legal limits to how much you can tint your car windows, it still provides you with a little more privacy than no tint at all. This can protect your belongings as well, as criminals will have a harder time seeing what’s inside the car and will therefore be less likely to attempt breaking into it.

Whether you want to nap in your car during your lunch break or simply don’t want anyone to see you putting your make-up on in traffic, tinted windows can give you the privacy you need.


Window tints act as effective protection against glass smashing. The tint effectively reinforces the glass, making it quite a bit harder to break and impossible to shatter.

This feature can be lifesaving in the case of an accident and could even prevent smash-and-grab style robberies.

For window tints in Canberra, contact Dapper Auto now! With our professional and expert service, we’ll have your car’s windows tinted in no time at all.