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We have a network of highly experienced and qualified applicators in Canberra. We’re also one of the only fully insured, well-versed and expertly trained ceramic coating specialists to provide the best and quality finish!


Window Tint Services

Window tint provides a protective layer that not only removes glare but also blocks out harmful UV rays.


Vinyl Wrap Service

High quality colour change car vinyl is designed to conform and adhere to the complexities of vehicle curves


Ceramic Coating Services

Ceramic Coating adds additional protection to your car’s exterior and helps keep it looking like-new with comparatively minimal maintenance.


Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Paint Protection Film provide a strong, reliable layer of protection that helps defend against major enemies of pristine paint: rocks, salt, insects and road debris.

About Dapper Auto

Founded in 2018 by two young men who love car culture, the workshop has attracted a large number of new and old customers since its open, with the purpose of high-quality technology and good customer service.

Our lamination master has 10 years of relevant experience, both meticulous and speed, won the champion in the global automotive lamination competition. Every car we have done is our most successful work and the most credible advertising.

We also have the best customer service, tailored to each customer’s needs can be implemented. We will also give different prices and quality of products, customers can choose their own, to the greatest extent to ensure customer demand.

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You love your car for many reasons – from the driving experience and styling to the comfort and security you feel behind the wheel. And with LLumar automotive film, you can add another – a more confident ride that comes from knowing you and your family are protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays, heat and glare and that your auto film was installed by a professional dealer.

Engineered to deliver a higher standard of performance, LLumar window tint is known for its quality,color stability and durable scratch-resistant coating.It is also known for its non-metallized ceramic window tints that maximize heat and UV rejection without interfering with your keyless entry, radar detector, mobile phone, and other radio frequency technology you rely on in your vehicle.

Product benefits

  •  UV Protection

  •  Reduce Heat and Glare

  •  Safety and Security

3M Wrap Film


3M™ Wrap Film Series 2080 is a durable, high-quality product that lets you express your creativity and bring your vision to life.

Greatly reduces the surface impressions* in a finished goods roll. It remains on during installation, then is removed easily and cleanly after installation.
You can leave the Protective Film Layer on during the entire installation of film. You can even leave it on when applying film to deep recesses or difficult areas. Just remember to remove the Protective Film Layer before post-heating. 3M™ Knifeless Tape can also cut through the Protective Film Layer.
*Surface impressions are commonly known as; hazing, blotchy and mottled appearance on gloss film.

AX Wrap Film


AX “2000” series is the company’s main products, (super exhaust effect), modified casting grade polyurethane layer and high performance low viscosity acrylic adhesive technology. Fully combined with the paint surface and interior basic surface properties, the product has the function of protecting and decorating the adhered surface.
High performance and low viscosity acrylic adhesive technology is developed by ax with many years of technology precipitation. It has the characteristics of low initial viscosity and easy construction, which solves many technical problems in various industries.
Modified casting grade polyurethane layer technology, innovative technical achievements, industry first, developed by many years of technology precipitation, can achieve more diversified color effects and present color texture and color plumpness. Let the color protection film bright color, durable, not easy to fade and other characteristics.

“2000” series consists of 16 series and more than 150 kinds of scenic spot colors, with bright colors and strong texture. Better show the beauty of body lines, show personal taste and car fun.

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SunTek Paint Protection Film offers breakthrough technology for paint protection applications.

Features and benefits include:

  • Nearly invisible protection from damage caused by rocks, salt, insects and other road debris
  • A proprietary, self-healing clear coat that is scratch- and crack-resistant with a high-gloss finish
  • Transforms the appearance of traditional paint to a matte finish when using PPF Matte
  • Outstanding optical clarity
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Gtechniq’s line of surface preparation and finishing products are designed to perfect, protect and maintain all automotive, marine and aviation exteriors and interiors in a way no traditional products can match.

To date, the Gtechniq range includes composite ceramic coatings, leather protection, fabric protection, wheel and trim protection, shampoos and much more.

Ethos Graphene


Graphene Matrix PRO creates an extremely durable protective coating with superior strength, flexibility and repellency that enhances and maintains vehicle finishes. A revolutionary coating with cutting edge Graphene technology that creates remarkable shine and protects any vehicle effortlessly.

Graphene Matrix PRO’s unparalleled ability to resist contamination is due to its extremely high surface sheer angle, shedding water and contaminants while reducing the risk of etching, water spotting, and staining. In addition to its resistance to abrasion, weathering, and oxidation, Graphene Matrix PRO creates a layer that forms an almost impenetrable barrier on top of the surface once applied. Future maintenance, such as clay barring and light polishing to repair possible imperfections in the coating, can be performed without sacrificing its integrity, resulting in the ability to finally achieve a near-permanent coating.

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