Here at Dapper Auto, we offer vehicle window tints in Canberra. Most of our customers want to tint their car’s windows to keep the sun out of their eyes while driving and to give their vehicle a certain ‘look’.

However, there are so many more amazing benefits to be enjoyed. In this article, we’ll list 10 advantages of window tinting, a few of which may surprise you! If you’ve been feeling unsure about whether investing in window tinting is worth it, you might just have found your answer!

#1 Keep Values Out of Sight

Tinted windows are great for keeping prying eyes away. It is much more difficult to take a quick peek into your vehicle if you have tinted windows.

#2 Protect Windows from Hail

The protective layer of film helps protect your windows from hail and other natural elements.

#3 Safe Driving

Extreme glare has been the cause of many accidents. Tinted windows allow you to see the road better, even when the glare is very intense.

#4 Better Resale Value

As tinted windows help keep your vehicle in better condition, you’re likely to receive a better resale value if you were to ever sell your car.

#5 Protect Interior from UV Rays

UV rays can be very damaging to your car’s interior, so the barrier formed by the window film offers you a definite advantage.

#6 Keep Your Car Cooler

By not allowing the sun in, tinted windows keep your vehicle significantly cooler.

#7 Child-Friendly

Protect your children’s delicate skin from harmful UV rays.

#8 Protects Windows Against Shattering

Criminals usually give vehicles with tinted windows a wide berth as it is almost impossible to properly shatter tinted windows as the film helps hold all the shards together.

#9 Energy Savings

As your car is kept cooler by the tinted windows, you won’t need to use your air conditioning as much, thus resulting in energy savings.

#10 Privacy

You don’t have to be a celebrity to want a certain level of privacy while driving around.

Interested in investing in a vehicle window tint in Canberra? At Dapper Auto, we offer professional window tinting as well as a wide range of other car detailing services. We’d love to add value to your vehicle and ensure that it works best for you. Get in touch with our knowledgeable team today, and we can answer any questions that you may have.