Ceramic coating, known for its incredible hydrophobic qualities, offers many incredible benefits for your vehicle and can help protect it from the elements, thus maintaining its value for longer. It is safe to say that ceramic coating is an excellent investment. But when you don’t do it correctly, you might as well be flushing your investment down the drain.

Here at Dapper Auto, we’re your trusted experts when it comes to ceramic coating in Canberra, and in this article, we’ll shed some light on four common ceramic coating mistakes.

Attempting Ceramic Coating Yourself With Zero Experience

There’s a reason why everyone recommends that you go to professional car detailers when getting any sort of auto improvements. While the process of ceramic coating may appear to be fairly straightforward, it is a lot more complicated than it looks. One mistake could result in a greasy, uneven, or even cracked appearance.

Not Taking Your Vehicle to Professional Car Detailers

Now that we have established that you need to take your vehicle to professional car detailers, you are going to want to make sure you take your car to the right car detailers. Take your time reading online reviews and looking at various options before making a decision. Don’t go with the first company that offers ceramic coating in Canberra.

The Wrong Car Washing Routine

Once your car has been ceramically coated, you may need to change up your car-washing routine. For instance, you may want to stay away from dish soap and rather stick to quality, PH-balanced products when it comes to washing your vehicle.

Taking Your Car for a Ceramic Coating When You Need it That Day

High-quality ceramic coating services take time, as the vehicle needs to be washed before the coating takes place. Your car will also need to stay out of the sun for a day or two while the ceramic coating cures. This is why it’s important to only send your car in for a ceramic coating if you can go a few days without it. There is no use in rushing the car detailers, as you want the job done correctly.

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