Have you ever looked at a car and thought, “Look at the paint job on that! That’s beautiful!” Chances are you were looking at a vinyl-wrapped car. Vinyl wrapping can be a quicker, more economical alternative to those expensive paint jobs that don’t always end up the way you want them to. However, a vinyl wrap does more than just look amazing; it also protects your car from that oh-so-common Canberra rain.

Here are some more reasons why you should consider getting a vinyl wrap for your car in Canberra.

1. Protects Your Investment

We all know that there is nothing worse for a paint job than the constant battering of the sun and rain. Even a garage isn’t enough protection to keep that beautiful finish from fading. Vinyl wraps completely cover the paint with a protective layer that not only keeps the weather out, it also adds an extra barrier against dings, scratches and dents.

2. Easily Changed And Updated

Out with old and in with the better. Vinyl wraps are easier to apply than paint, and if you get bored of them or just want to try something new, then it’s a simple job to remove the old wrap and put a different one on. When done by a professional, this process is quick, easy and doesn’t devalue your car, unlike repeated repaints and sprays.

3. Easy To Clean

Cleaning is tough on paint. It can lead to scratches and scrapes unless done with expensive soaps and sponges. Vinyl wraps are much easier to maintain. All you need is a cloth and an inexpensive cleaning solution to keep your car looking showroom fresh. It’s also far easier to deal with scratches in the unlikely event that they do happen. Wraps don’t chip when used to fill in deep scratches.

4. Factory Fresh

From the moment a new car is bought, a clock starts ticking and the car’s value begins to drop. The paint rusts, the doors get dented or scratched, the hood fades. A professionally applied vinyl wrap stops the clock and preserves your car’s value from the moment it is applied to the second it’s removed. This massively preserves your vehicle’s resale value!

In the end, when you opt for a vinyl wrap in Canberra, you are doing far more than just protecting your car or making sure it looks good. You are buying peace of mind and making an investment for the future. Contact Dapper Auto at 0449879282 or email at admin@dapperauto.com.au to ensure the best vinyl wrap for your vehicle.