We all love our cars, irrespective of the make or model, as this was an investment we chose to make. With all investments, you need to nurture and take care of them to ensure the value is at its best.

Car detailing is crucial in maintaining your car’s interior and exterior condition. This is how you can keep the value of your car when, one day, you want to sell.

So now that we have established that car detailing is important, how do we decide which business in Canberra we should use? It’s simple ‒ use a professional! Let’s explore why below.

What Can Go Wrong

Using The Wrong Chemicals

Some car detailers in Canberra could try to cut the costs of cleaning a car to make more money. Any professional in the car detailing industry understands that certain products are designed specifically for the job. Using any cleaning detergent on your car could have detrimental effects.

As common household cleaning detergents can be a lot cheaper than car-specific detergents, businesses might use the household or even a mixture of the two to keep their costs low. However, this will do more damage instead of helping! Household cleaning detergents are designed to strip away those tough grease marks or stove countertop stains. Likewise, they will damage the protective layers and wax polish on your car.

Using Cheap Equipment

Imagine deciding to take your beautiful car in for car detailing to make it all snazzy again, when you see a sign nearby for cheap car detailing. Now imagine that “cheap” car detailing costing you many dollars to fix. We have seen this countless times.

Trying to save a few dollars can cost you in the long run. Why is this? If the cost of your car detailing is too good to be true, it probably is not a quality job. Using incorrect equipment, such as dirty rags, kitchen equipment, steel wool, high-pressure hoses, etc., can damage your car by chipping the glass and/or scratching that paint job you just had done.

Why Dapper Auto Should Be Your Go-to Pro

Through our experience, poor quality car details could lead to negative results in the short and long term. Please make sure you take your car to a proper establishment.

We at Dapper Auto, located in Canberra, are professional leaders in the industry and pride ourselves on providing incredible quality car detailing. If you want to protect one of your biggest investments, book an appointment today.