So, you want to protect your car while still giving it a sleek appearance? Depending on the environment, this is quite a challenging task. UV rays from extreme and persistent sunlight can lead to a sun worn and weathered appearance. Fortunately, there are options available that make this problem easier and simpler to remedy.

With ceramic coating, there is a semi-permanent solution to your needs. Not only is this solution aesthetic and a great investment, it is also functional and will add many visual years to your car. Read more to find out how you can use ceramic coating right here in Canberra!

Strong Resistance 

Chemical resistance, UV resistance, scratch resistance, temperature resistance and corrosion resistance are some of the benefits that come with a ceramic coating. Altogether, this leads to a strong layer of protection for your vehicle, keeping it in the best condition possible for as long as possible. With appropriate maintenance, such as washing or waxing, you can maximise the effectiveness of your coating. With so many beneficial and resistant qualities offered from one ceramic coating, this would be a smart venture for investment, making this an affordable long-term solution.

Coat Me Impressed

A ceramic coating is a chemical layer of liquid polymer layered onto your car, similar to the way a layer of paint is done. There is no need to strip your car of any paint, as this coating bonds to the preexisting paint job to form a protective and hydro-phobic covering. This coating is designed to keep your car looking like new with only minimal maintenance.

Dirt and other contaminants are reduced due to the layer preventing any impurities from bonding with the car’s surface. This, in turn, helps with stains and other blemishes that might otherwise affect the aesthetic of your vehicle. While the ceramic coat is not all-powerful, it does a great job of stopping major marks from tarnishing your car. With appropriate maintenance, the ceramic coat can protect your car for months.

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