Booking car detailing in Canberra seems simple enough. With plenty of service providers on offer who specialise in high-quality work, your options are endless. Affordability and scheduling may be your only primary concerns before you go ahead. However, this is a common misconception that car owners need to keep in mind. Not every service provider is going to work to the same standards, and there is a possibility your car may end up with minor damages due to inexperienced companies.

This guide can assist you in making an informed decision for your vehicle.

Ask About Glass Cleaning

This is almost standard with any service, but clean windows are a necessity for car detailing. While it may appear to be a quick and easy job, you need to ask about cleaning products and methods. This is not being overly cautious, but rather ensuring your windows and windscreen are not scratched in the process.

Consider Carpets 

While vacuuming seems good enough for your interior carpets and mats, reputable providers will always go the extra mile. Shampooing and deep cleaning the flooring of a vehicle will not only revive its appearance but also ensure that you get rid of dirt and debris below the surface level.

Enquire About Polishing

Waxing and polishing can be essential to keeping your car looking clean for months to come and helping safeguard against minor scrapes. But assuming that a provider is qualified to do this can be a misstep on your part. You need to inquire about the tools and products they use, ask about their experience, and learn how they will resolve any damages they cause.

Prioritise Leather Interiors 

Although leather seems low-maintenance, it is anything but. In order to maintain its condition and keep it looking new and clean, you need professionals who work with the material often. Leather upholstery that is worked on poorly will quickly crack and degrade, which can contribute to a difficult sale of the car in the future.

Car detailing in Canberra goes beyond just your tyres and interior mats. This is why we always encourage our clients to ask the important questions before choosing between providers. For exceptional service and quality workmanship, book your car in today with us at Dapper Auto.