Odds are you spend a lot of time in your car. Driving to and from your destinations, a car is usually how you would present yourself to the world. Much like a new set of clothes, your car reflects the image of yourself you wish to project. While we can’t always have our dream choice in cars, we can choose the way it looks. Detailing and cleaning it shows the world how you take pride in yourself. Keep reading to find out how you can make the best impression with car detailing in Canberra.

What Is Car Detailing?

Firstly, car detailing starts with a thorough cleaning of your car. All the nooks and crannies, including the interior and exterior. This includes cleaning the engine to the underside of your vehicle. A thorough cleaning ensures that your car is left spotless.

Once this is done, there is the reconditioning phase. The reconditioning phase involves a technician examining the car for marks, blemishes or other spots. If any corrections are needed, such as damage to paint, the technician will make alterations by rectifying any blemishes your vehicle might have with a new coat of paint.

After the correction phase, a technician will inspect the paint once again and apply a form of coating. Depending on how you want your car detailing, the coating varies. Typically, a wax coating is applied to protect your car, preserve the paint and give it a refined appearance. The wax also protects your car from the elements, such as rain and UV rays, to ensure the detailing maintains its appearance for as long as possible.

What It Does

Car detailing, in turn, gives your car the best service it can possibly receive. The multi-step process leaves your car looking better than it ever has before, allowing you to move about with confidence and present yourself with your best foot forward.

For all your car detailing in Canberra, contact Dapper Auto. Our award-winning team takes pride in making your car the best it can be. Call us now for more information or to book your car in advance.