Ceramic coating has become quite the trend in Canberra. It’s no surprise that this service has become so popular, considering that by simply applying an extra layer of protection to your car’s paint, it protects your vehicle’s exterior and keeps it looking sparkling new year-round. The best part is that this coating requires minimal maintenance.

Ceramic coating is similar to that of the sealants and waxes typically used on vehicles. However, the main differentiator is that it is specially designed to increase the longevity of your factory paint job.

Are you interested in getting a ceramic coating for your car? Let’s look at some of the advantages and misconceptions of ceramic coating so that you can make an educated decision for your car.


  • Protection 

We’ve mentioned this “protective layer”, but what exactly are we protecting? This layer acts as protection against the damaging UV rays from the sun and any harmful chemicals that your car may be exposed to. There are many types of damaging exposures. You may even get chemical damage from using a car wash that does not contain quality ingredients.

  • Cleanliness 

Dirt and dust will not stick to your car when washing. Simply hosing your car down will help you to achieve that sparkling new car look. Another pro is that you don’t have to worry about any polymer coming off during a wash.

  • Appearance

Ceramic coating will take the factory paint and make it look more high-definition and saturated. This is due to its “candy like gloss”, as the car enthusiasts would say. Of course, this will make your car appear more attractive and new ‒ a pro for any vehicle owner.


  • Ultimate Protection

Our ceramic coating provides us with protection, but it will not protect your car from major incidents such as deep scratching or fender benders. While it certainly provides strong protection against natural elements, of course, it’s not bulletproof and will not withstand major incidents.

  • Car Wash

You’ll still need to clean your car! Although it makes your job far easier than without the ceramic coating, it doesn’t stop the need to wash it completely. Give your car the regular car wash it deserves!

If you’re looking for a professional ceramic coating job in Canberra, reach out to our experienced team at Dapper Auto. Let us guide you with our expertise and industry insights to give your prized possession the care it deserves!