When you get into your car after giving it a good clean and shining, you feel good. However, deep down, you know there are nooks and crannies you overlooked. You don’t have the time or equipment to detail your car thoroughly, and it’s frustrating to know that it hasn’t received the attention it needs. Besides, thinking about cleaning tires and the engine makes it seem a daunting task you would rather avoid altogether.

Weighing Up The Expense In The Long-Term

Most of us think that professional car detailing in Canberra is expensive and will become a burden to keep up with. In fact, on average, detailing every 6 months (3 months if you live by the ocean) is advisable, which is a reasonable timeframe. You’ll be astounded that despite it being more expensive than sending your car for a general wash, the benefits and long-term added value to your vehicle are many and outweigh its cost.

The Advantages Of Professional Auto Detailing

Cleanliness Beyond Measure

Your car will get an in-depth deep clean like no other it’s experienced, inside and out. Your interiors will be steam cleaned, vacuumed and buffed. Attention to the console, seats, gearbox console, seatbelts, headrests, armrests and mats will not escape the scrutiny of the professional detailer. Your exterior will benefit from the appropriate detergents and techniques, too.

Prolongs The Life Of Your Car

Auto detailing reduces or removes swirls, etching, scratches and fading. It also maintains your car’s paintwork and extends its lifespan. Detailers know to use only quality products which are best for your car. They also have the equipment to enhance the application of the cleaning and waxing agents. Contaminants such as mud, grit and oil that sit in the nooks and crannies of the bodywork and interior eventually eat into the paint or fabrication of your car. Removing these pollutants regularly will increase the life of your vehicle.

Preserves The Value Of Your Value

When the time comes to resell your vehicle or trade it in, you will be thankful that it’s been maintained in ship-shape condition and hasn’t lost its showroom appeal. A well-maintained car which is whistle-clean and shiny is a magnet to buyers. Although they might expect the exterior to have minor issues, the interiors are crucial for the first impression when they get behind the wheel for the test drive. It shows that the car is esteemed and well looked after.

The Best Professional Car Detailer In Canberra

A pro stands out from an amateur in many ways besides washing and cleaning the car. At Dapper Auto, cars are our passion, and we employ trained professionals who are experts with the latest technology, products and techniques to keep your car looking great throughout the year. Our services are meticulous and our advice is sound.

You can trust us to provide the best car detailing in Canberra, so call us today and book your car in for the attention it deserves.