Ceramic coating is soaring in popularity with vehicle owners because it is delivering on its promises aesthetically and financially — it gives a great return on investment! If you are uninitiated to the joys of ceramic coating in Canberra, then prepare to be astounded once you use it.

Some websites say that ceramic coating is like “car wax”. But that’s like saying an umbrella protects you from the rain as much as a house does ‒ you can’t compare the two! Let’s look at the what and the why of ceramic coatings for your Canberra automobile assets.

What Is Ceramic Coating In Canberra?

Ceramic coating is not a clay base but silicon dioxide. It is put on the vehicle surface extremely carefully by hand to ensure an even application.

It is extremely resistant to heat (up to 1700°C ‒  that is not a typo), and because the silicon and oxygen atoms share an electron, the bond is phenomenally strong and extremely hard when dry. Because of its very stable electrons, oxidation cannot take place (the taking on of more electrons).

This tightly molecular-bonded layer is also waterproof. Now you know what all the excitement is about in the market. This product is fantastic!

Let’s look at the overview of the benefits.

Ceramic Coating Benefit #1 In Canberra

A ceramic coating not only protects your car from water but also rejects it. As water touches the surface, the water cannot find anything to “hang” onto and slips off. As we all know, when it rains, the raindrops sitting on the surface of the car are a great attractant for pollutants, fine dust, grime and a whole bunch of unmentionables.

Now, with the water being rejected, so will all the muck! Once you get home, give your car a quick rinse and dry and Bob’s your uncle ‒  brand new car.

Ceramic Coating Benefit #2 In Canberra

Protection, protection, protection.

With water off the list of risks, you can also tick off moisture which helps with the next point. With those stable electron bonds (covalent bonds), there is no risk of electrons bonding with oxygen molecules, i.e. no oxidisation.

Because of that immense heat resistance mentioned earlier, you no doubt have already assumed that the coating will protect your paintwork from the sun’s UV!

It will also protect your paintwork from bug frass and bird guano (poop), as well as small incidental scratches that happen during a road trip from bits that fly up from your tyres or passing cars.

Ceramic Coating Benefit #3 In Canberra

If you want your car to look brand-spanking new most of the time, then ceramic coatings are the answer for you. Your paintwork will shine and gleam for years. Besides being the envy of your street, it also increases the value of your car exponentially! When it comes time to sell, you will enjoy a much higher price.

Disadvantage Of Ceramic Coatings In Canberra

It’s unfair to have a long splurge on the benefits without playing open books with you. There are two disadvantages to ceramic coatings – time and money. The process is not a fast one and depending on the preparation needed for your car, the level of detail and the size of your car the time can vary from two to four days. The price varies as there are different products as well as car sizes.

Chomping at the bite to get your car coated with ceramic coatings in Canberra? Give us a call now!