Looking for a way to keep your car looking showroom fresh? What about a way to protect your car from chemical stains and wear and tear from washing? Do you want durable protection that blends with your paint job and provides protection from the sun and rain?

A ceramic coating is the answer to all of the questions and more and is the best way to protect your car in Canberra.

But what is a ceramic coating? And how does it protect your car?

Ceramic Coating

A ceramic coating is the industry term for a silicone dioxide polymer that, when combined with other chemical compounds, acts as a clear, protective shell for your vehicle. This shell does not damage your vehicle but rather works with it by bonding with your car’s paint to prevent water damage and other, more complex repair problems.

How It Protects Your Car 

1) It’s Hydrophobic!

Ceramic coating naturally repels water before it can cause damage to your car’s paint.

2) It Protects Against Chemical Stains

Whether on the road or in a garage, there are plenty of chemical threats to your car’s finish. A ceramic coating will provide powerful protection against these threats and keep your car’s showroom finish for longer.

3) Protection Against Scratches

While it won’t protect your vehicle from a vengeful ex, it can prevent your paint job from the everyday scratches that can devalue your paint job.

4) Keeps It Safe From Mud And Dust

While it will still get dirty due to a ceramic coating’s natural hydrophobic properties, your car will end up cleaner than if the coat wasn’t there. It will force the dirt to slide off the body rather than getting caught in the microscopic pockets that all paint jobs have.

5) Cost-Effective

Most importantly, the ceramic coating will protect your wallet in the long run. While it is initially more expensive than regular wax, it’s far more protective and relatively low maintenance. This means that you will spend less repairing and restoring your vehicle, saving your money in the process.

A ceramic coating in Canberra is perfect for all your car protection needs and will keep your paint job’s showroom finish longer than other types of car wax. For more information, visit www.Dapperauto.com.au or call Dapper Auto at 044 987 9282.