In Canberra, there are many businesses that offer window tints, so how do you know which one to choose? It’s the classic debate of amateur vs professional.

When window tinting is performed correctly, there are many benefits which can be enjoyed.

Advantages Of Window Tinting

  1. Increased privacy – Not only privacy, but window tinting can also help reduce the chance of being broken into as their visibility is lessened.
  2. Increased driving experience – Window tinting can help to shield you against UV rays, heat and any bright glares.
  3. Increased safety – Having your windows tinted can hold broken glass together in the unfortunate event of an accident and ensure that no glass particles become airborne, protecting those in your car.

The cost should not be the only factor in deciding who to take your car to. As you can see above, window tinting provides a greater benefit than just looking good. Therefore, you should not be trusting of anyone to perform this service.

Window Tinting: What Can Go Wrong?

Legal Requirements

A professional window tinting business is aware of exactly what the laws and regulations are surrounding the tint and will ensure that your windows are tinted in accordance with them. An amateur may be negligent in this regard and just agree to do any tint you want.

Having an illegal tint done to your car can result in fines and penalties, forced to remove the tint, deemed unroadworthy which could invalidate your insurance, and can even be used in court as evidence regarding factors in an accident.

Thus paying a professional in the first place could save you from all these unnecessary costs and inconveniences.

Quality Film

It’s often said that you get what you pay for. Purchasing a cheap tint from someone who may not be too clued up on how to advise you properly will result in you getting an inferior quality tint. Buying these cheap tints will result in them peeling off, fading and discolouring in weather conditions.

Professionals will only use the highest of quality to ensure their reputation is upheld and they get word of mouth customers due to their quality jobs.


As fun as it may sound to buy a tint kit and do it yourself, this is most likely going to result in you getting bubbles on application and not give you the desired outcome you were hoping for. A professional has the tools and the environment to aid their skill and experience to give you that perfect application on your windows.

Our professional Dapper Auto window tint applicators are highly skilled, qualified and experienced in providing top quality window tint in Canberra. Contact us today to see how we can assist you with your window tinting needs.