With the dawn of every year comes trends, and due to the launching of new products on the market almost every month, those trends are constantly shifting. At Dapper Auto, we always have our finger on the pulse of products that transform and protect cars in Canberra; therefore, let’s look at global window tint innovations so you know what’s heating up.

Ceramic Window Tint Product

Ceramic window tinting is usually not the first thought that comes to mind when discussing window tinting. With the huge advances in technology, ceramic is a premium option for windows and for your vehicle’s bodywork.

For decades, research has made ceramic particles smaller and smaller, which has allowed for the production of ultra-thin products. As research continues at NASA Glenn’s Research Center in Cleveland, the world will benefit from their discoveries.

The ceramic tints filter out 90% of infrared, ultraviolet and solar rays, enhance visibility, keep an interior cooler for longer and are less prone to fade or fail over time. The composition is nonconductive and nonmetallic.

Your car will end up being a lot cooler on hot days because of ceramic window tints, and these types of tints are also much less likely to fade or shatter over time.

Crystalline Window Tint Product

Not every car owner favours a darker tone on their car glazing. So to get protection from UV and solar rays without tonal differences, the market is turning to crystalline.

This product is manufactured from 200 nano-layers of polyester and can deflect 60% more heat than darker films and 97% of infrared rays.

Carbon Window Tint Product

Carbon tint is growing in popularity in Canberra due to its excellent performance against solar rays and heat.

Its elegant matt finish is very on trend for 2022. As with all high-tech, quality products, it costs a little more, but its performance and durability deliver a good return on investment.

Metalized Window Tint Product

The recent trend of a thin metal coating gives substantial reflection performance and heat reduction and, for those who want it, a striking aesthetic. The mirror-like, reflective aesthetic creates a stand-out look for your favourite ride and can be combined with a smokey look if you want less gloss.

Save your car’s interior and keep your cool with window tinting in Canberra now! Contact us for more information.